Gibeon launches website




The Gibeon Village Council launched a website to provide residents and visitors with information about the development, history, social issues, economy of the town. The site was developed to allow for greater interaction and boasts a discussion forum, direct contact forms, photo gallery and information search feature. The site is also aimed at providing background information about the challenges the town faces, its investment opportunities and the rich history of its people and the town.

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Gibeon upgrades sewer system




The Village Council of Gibeon came to the realisation that the state of the vacuum sewerage system is unfit for the purpose of upgrading sanitation according to local authority standards, and is now reverting to the gravity system of sewerage pumping. The vacuum sewerage system, which was introduced at Gibeon by the line ministry as a pilot project is now being replaced at the costs of N$2.5 million. The system was installed at the costs of N$18 million. Chief Executive Officer of the Gibeon Village Council, Dawid Lamperth, told the Namibian Sun that the process of replacing the vacuum sewerage system with the gravity system for sewerage pumping at the town already started in February 2011 when trenches were dug and...

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No successor yet




The Acting Kaptein of the /Khowesen Traditional Authority, Kaptein Christian Rooi, called off a meeting scheduled for last weekend where the nomination of a successor to late Kaptein Hendrik Witbooi was expected to take place. The decision to cancel the particular meeting and rescheduling it to April 14, 2012, was allegedly done by Rooi without consulting the /Khowesen Traditional Council or the Witbooi Royal House. Some members of the community who did not get to hear of the cancellation of the meeting on NBC’s Damara/Nama radio service had to come to Gibeon from far places just to be told that the meeting was cancelled. The Chairman of the /Khowesen Traditional Council shortly made the initial announcement of the date on...

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Namibia mourns a hero




THIRTEEN days of high emotion drew to a close at the weekend, as the Namibian nation bade farewell to the man who spent close to 40 years tirelessly working to improve the lives of others. Described as a brave lion, conciliator, nationalist, teacher, humble servant, poet, musician and torch-bearer, Reverend Hendrik Witbooi’s mortal remains were accompanied to his grave by 50 horse riders, the army brass band, people wearing various traditional outfits and many others in dark suits and glasses who streamed into Gibeon to pay tribute to him. Many others lined the roads of Rehoboth, Kalkrand, Mariental and Gibeon, and came as they were – wearing shorts and sandals – to watch a piece of history as Namibians bade a...

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