About Gibeon

Gibeon is a village located in the south of Namibia, in the Hardap Region, 60km south of Mariental. It lies 8 km west from the main B1 main road to Mariental.

The Witbooi Clan is the dominant Nama group in the Gibeon area. Traditional leaders include Witbooi, Bondelswarts, Afrikaner, Kooper, Topnaars and Rooinasie. The Gibeon Village population is currently approximately 6,000 with 5,000 farming community that directly are effected by Village Council Services.

The unemployment rate is estimated as 80%. Employment opportunities are mostly found in government offices and farming. Gibeon is in the centre of a large communal farming area which is dominantly goat farming. But Gibeon can still be regarded as on the periphery of Namibia’s mainstream economic activities.

Its geographic and economic isolation pose tremendous challenges to local rejuvenation and growth. The Gibeon Village Council observed over the last years an increase in unemployment, poverty and social ills. These pose major threats to the sustainability of the village and the region.

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