Council Statement

“To be a friendly well developed historical town to attract and accommodate its residents,  investors and tourists in an affordable, sustainable and safe environment.”


  • “Gibeon Village Council commits itself to offer excellent services to meet the demands of all its stakeholders in a responsive, sustainable and participating manner”
  • *Responsiveness defined being customer-focused and committed in responding in the most appropriate way and timely to customer needs.”

Core values are the non-negotiable style in which Gibeon Village Council will perform its services. Gibeon cherishes good governance through the following core values (ATTIE):

  1. Accountability – to be answerable to what we have decided and done; not to blame others.
  2. Transparency – to be open in all we do, disclosing how the council is managed.
  3. Teamwork – doing all in a participating or collaborating manner, working together as a team with all stakeholders.
  4. Integrity – we always act consistently, in honesty and loyalty with all our stakeholders.
  5. Equality – offering all people and groups equal opportunities and services, treating all in a non-discriminating manner.
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